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Installing OpenEBS - NDM

1 minutes
December 18, 2019
[ k8s ]

OpenEBS requires a few dependencies to be installed on Alpine.

Install the ISCSI Initiator:

Borrowed from https://www.hiroom2.com/2018/08/29/alpinelinux-3-8-open-iscsi-en/

apk add open-iscsi
rc-update add iscsid
rc-service iscsid start

Install udev:

Borrowed from https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Gnome_Setup#Setting_up_udev

apk add udev
/etc/init.d/dev start && /etc/init.d/udev-trigger start && /etc/init.d/
udev-settle start
rc-update add udev sysinit
rc-update add udev-trigger sysinit
rc-update add udev-settle sysinit

Install OpenEBS

helm install stable/openebs --name openebs --namespace openebs