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ConfigureAwait FAQ

1 minutes
December 12, 2019
[ dotnet link ]

A post by Stephen Toub

.NET added async/await to the languages and libraries over seven years ago. In that time, it’s caught on like wildfire, not only across the .NET ecosystem, but also being replicated in a myriad of other languages and frameworks. It’s also seen a ton of improvements in .NET, in terms of additional language constructs that utilize asynchrony, APIs offering async support, and fundamental improvements in the infrastructure that makes async/await tick (in particular performance and diagnostic-enabling improvements in .NET Core).

However, one aspect of async/await that continues to draw questions is ConfigureAwait. In this post, I hope to answer many of them. I intend for this post to be both readable from start to finish as well as being a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that can be used as future reference.