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Game [Contract Developer]

2019-Mar - 2019-Nov / Digital Transformation project

Micro-services integrating legacy systems (JDA, WebSphere) with new Product Information Management system (Akeneo, Algolia). CSharp in dotnetcore, with docker, Kafka.

Created build system with Bitbucket/Bamboo. Ensured consistency, testing, versioning across all libraries and services.

Created app framework to simplify creation of services (logging, metrics, config etc) and producing/consuming events on Kafka and IBM MQ.


Keith Martin

Program Manager

Andy worked on the PIM workstream of my Digital Transformation Programme. Within days of Andy joining the team it was clear that he is very technically competent and highly experienced. It wasn't long before the other developers in the PIM team started going to Andy for help/advice/guidance so that he became seen as the senior developer on the team. I would recommend Andy to any team that needs a very capable senior developer with his skill set.