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Connections Education [Contract Developer]

2016-Apr - 2016-Jul / Updating online educational system
Connections Education

Member of a remote virtual team. Working within clients agile processes and closely with several project teams. Involved in several aspects of updating CEs online education systems. Gitflow based development within VSTS. HttpClient based proxy for internal and external services. Custom formatters and serializers. Protection from async deadlocks. Integrated 3rd party api via Azure ServiceBus to internal systems. Created testing and mocking frameworks for testing services.


Mike Bukosky

Team Tech Lead

Andy is very talented and a great addition to any team. He has the uncanny ability to see the solution even with many hurdles in the way. His code is fluent and flexible leaving him the ability to pivot if needed. I hope our paths will cross in the future so I can have the pleasure of working with him again.