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Blackbox [Contract Developer]

2017-Feb - 2018-Feb / Information systems for UK train network

Tracking trains on UK network. Processing messages from external systems. Maintaining internal data stores. Api’s to drive customer facing displays and control room. Driving automated announcements with speech synthesis through a custom service to on site devices. Tested via emulation in software. Azure, ServiceFabric, redis, cosmosdb, service bus, sql, c#, aspnetcore, akka


Ian Turner

Technical Director

Andy is an incredibly gifted developer / architect, and really strong thought-leader. His was the stand-out response to a post we put out for a senior .NET developer, and he led some really complex work-streams for me over the course of a year and more. Like any of the best developers, Andy constantly pushed and challenged the team to up their game. And had a real knack for quickly finding his feet with the latest and greatest technologies and trends. For a senior developer, solution architect, or team leader role, it is very easy to recommend Andy