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Artesian Solutions [Chief Architect]

2007-Aug - 2015-Feb / A SaaS product providing internet content to sales and marketing

Uses a taxonomy to tag and categorise content. Users are supplied with relevant stories that allow them to engage with their prospects and customers. Also provides access to company information, both to individual companies and via segmentation/faceting to isolate a prospect list.

Joined at inception. Created or collaborated on core services. Raw content retrieved by custom spider and via 3rd parties. Taxonomy and content processing. Custom syntax and parsing. Distributed processing mechanism. Service Discovery. Centralised logging and metrics collection. Configuration systems. Multi-tenancy. Identity service. Early years infrastructure support. Developer systems (Jira, Confluence, TeamCity, Subversion, git). Worked with growing team to ensure common approaches and coach on how the core could be developed and exploited. Remaining time spent on research into product futures, implementation options and optimising performance bottlenecks.